Friday, March 02, 2012

Chu15 - Part IV - KL International Airport

Right after we left Sepang Gold Coast. On the way back home, we dropped by to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA serves the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and is one of Southeast Asia's largest airports. It is also Malaysia's main international airport. It is situated in the Sepang district, in the south of the state of Selangor, about 50 km from Kuala Lumpur.

Airport Entrance

Touring Nigel around, as this is his first time been to KLIA, showed him the road directions from Sepang Gold Coast. Approximately 25 min drive to KLIA. That time was heavy rain with storm, rather driving slow around 80km but me managed to reach there with cover roof top parking. Need to pay for parking, an hour it's about RM2. I been frequently going airport to pick up my daddy upon arrival from overseas, so i'm familiar with the area. Don't mind to spend some time for Nigel as well.


Lift Hall

Escalator for passengers to speed up their journey , also with lift to LEVEL 5 for Departure Hall.. Arrival Hall would be in LEVEL 3. Signboard clearly guiding you there. Took them to departure hall to see big air planes. Everyone busy taking photos including myself.

Busy taking photos

Behind big planes

Photo together

Check-in counters

Me Me me =P

Seems quiet

Check-in Counters

Terminal Hall

Nigel  photo #1 =)

The Satellite terminal A

Next is we take tour to the opposite building to check on our national airline. Malaysian Airline System Berhad, (abbreviated MAS), is the government-owned flag carrier of Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines operates flights from its home base, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and with a secondary hub at Kuching. The airline plans to relocate its headquarters from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport to KLIA in February 2012.

Domestic Flight

Big Plane =)

MAS Airline

The Main terminal building or Terminal 1 is located in between the two runways. The contact pier is the rectangular-shaped terminal that is connected to the Main Terminal Building. It serves as the domestic terminal for Malaysia Airlines. Some international flights are handled there as well. Previously it used to cater to low-cost carriers' passengers. At the north side of the pier, it can only accommodate narrow-bodied aircraft. In contrast, the south side of the contact pier can accommodate Boeing 737 and Boeing 747 or similar sized aircraft.

Plane Runway

MAS Airline landing

Aerotrain runaway

Busy busy

Emmie & Me xD

The Satellite terminal A building accommodates international flights departing and arriving at KLIA. Passengers have to travel to the satellite building via the Aerotrain. There is a wide array of duty-free shops and prestige brand boutiques in the satellite building. A number of restaurants and international airlines lounges are available as well as an Airside Transit Hotel.

Arrival and Departure flight information

Me =P

Within the terminal, wireless internet (Wifi) is provided free of charge. The terminal also has prayer rooms, showers and massage service. Various lounge areas are provided, some including children's play areas and movie lounge, broadcasting movie and sport channels such as Star Movies. The terminal also features a natural rainforest in the middle of the terminal, exhibiting the Malaysian forests.

Tea break

Cheers =D

My tea time =)

Everyone's tea time =D

After touring finished touring around the airport, it's time we stop by for tea break. Ever first time I have tea in airport. We went into Old Town for tea. It's rather self services, and everyone enjoying with a cup of coffee. I had my favourite Halzet Nut White Coffee. While waiting we waiting for coffee everyone busy with phone connecting to Wifi. Cooling and quite to enjoy here. Bear in mind airport will be rather expensive compare to other places, pinch in the pocket... @_@ Having fun with them is always the best. Even though I been to this place many times, I never get bored going with different type of peoples. This is always unique. Hahaha.. Thank you, my dearest friend Nigel and Emmie xD