Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Chu13 - Part I - Sushi King Lou Yee Sang

Some how I left out another CNY blogspot which I would like back dated this post. It's about after back from hometown, celebrated CNY with family, relatives and hometown friends. Aside did not forget about another group of my KL friends here. Friends been bugging me for a CNY outing to have CNY Lou Hei for good wisdom through out the year of 2012.

Gabriel, MJ & Me xD

Me, Alice & Emmie

I organized simple Lou Sang activities at Sushi King in First Subang Mall, Subang Jaya. Hear of Sushi King had good promotion on Yee Sang, I decided to give a try on it. Only Yee Sang definition not enough, we ordered food for our lunch as well. Group photos while waiting for our food.

Tempura Zaru Soba for MJ, served with cold buckwheat noodles & seaweed 

Ebi Ten Don for Alice, served with deep fried prawns, eggplants, long bean, 
sweet potato, seasoned Japanese radish and Miso Soup.

 Tempura Soba for Emmie, a Japanese noodles served with
prawn and vegetable tempura and spring onion.

I ordered Tempura Soba, a Japanese noodles served with
prawn and vegetable tempura and spring onion.

Chicken Katsu Rice Burger attracted Gabriel that much.
 It is basically a rice patty served with iceberg lettuce, deep fried chicken and mayonnaise.

Large Yee Sang RM38.88

Seriously I never got the chance to try Sushi King Yee Sang before, having this Yee Sang in Sushi King is my first time. I think that its totally different from the original's due to the ingredients and sauce offered. But then, Not bad though~ Sushi King's Yee Sang tasted great...!! I had first time it, and i knew the promo launched many times since many years back.

Yee Sang from Sushi King

Squeezing lime juice onto Yee Sang #1

Squeezing lime juice onto Yee Sang #2

Huat Ah~ Lou Sang xD

Raw Salmon Fish in rose buds

Yee Sang with Salmon Fish

Big portion, crunchy with crackers

I love the sauce and lime as a combination and the crunchiness of the vegetables, yellow tiny pieces should be the deep fried tempura skin and some of the other stuff like fresh salmon, scallop, peanuts, etc...Yummy!! I enjoyed it  It's reasonable ordered the large portion cause  just enough among 5 of us with only RM38.88. So worth to try it out the Yee Sang in Sushi King!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! xD