Saturday, March 31, 2012

Macaron @ Savory Cafe

After first attempt on Macaron in my previous post, I'm not satisfy with the result, feel like trying varieties choices from different bakery shop. As I mentioned before previous post on Macaron were too sweet with the high content sugar level. Is that true every bakery shop will be too sweet?

I came across another cafe shop nearby my office where they're selling Macaron attracted me that much. This time is a huge Macaroon similar to a mini burger and it's colorful. Price also slightly different, each of this Macaron cost RM3. Cheap or Expensive?

Macaron RM3 each

 Chocolate, Choco Mint, Salted Caramel & Rose Macarons

Still don't know what is Macaron? A bit history of Macaron that I would like to share here. Macaron is different from macaroon (notice the double “O”). The term Macaroon is normally referred to a simple cookie such as coconut m Macaron. However Macaron, is a French Confectionary. Its really not a cookie, nor a candy although it is very sweet. The popular type is the French mMacaron. According to some French, there is two type of Macarons. One is the Parisian Macaron (originated in Paris I was told) and the rest of France have different kind of Macaron. The macaron you see in most website or cooking book refer to the Parisian Macaron.

I guess I'm eating Parisian Macaron. The Parisian Macaron have quite a unique feature. Top layer and bottom layer egg shell like a crust must be crunchy. Filling inside must be soft and almost like meringue texture. This time I got Chocolate, Choco Mint, Salted Caramel & Rose Macarons. Again, reluctant to eat because it's too cute xD

I love the filing inside every Macaron, first of all, thick, creamy and more filling rather than just eating icing, I would said is ok not that sweet. Salted Caramel, a bit salty I find the different here. Chocolate flavor filling taste like Nutella jam, creamy not bad. Rose and Choco Mint not bad either, worth while to try it out. Love Macarons? Check it out below address, have a nice day ahead! =)

Savory Cafe
No.3A32 Level 4 Block A,
Kelana Centre Point SS7/19,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan