Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 @ Putrajaya

I'm excited for this month outing activity. I still remember I missed this event last year because don't have any friends to tag along together. For year 2012 is definitely amazing, knowing early this event from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and bloggers spreading the news which actually lighting up my spirit and eagerly joining this event. Here you are, i'm talking about it's the Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012 held in Monumen Alaf Baru, Putrajaya from 15-18 Mar 2012. After knowing the news from social networks, without delay faster speed up my process to search for the location of event, finally I made it. Excited "I will be going there.. Yahoo~" xD

First thought of going on Saturday, but I'm fully scheduled, despite need to move my plan on Sunday. I'm still thinking of Sunday, it's last day of the event, if going there will be jam like mad and pack like sardine can. So called phobia with the jam and crowd, friend suggested to swap my plan to the first session which is in the morning and neglect the second session which is scheduled in the evening.

My first reaction was "Huh? Morning? Gotta wake up early in the morning?" Jaw dropped, as I need to wake up as early at 5.30am for the event. Since I left school days, never ever been waking up so early in the morning especially weekend on Sunday. Decision finalized, I choose the morning session because I want to see Sun Rise, hope it's nice early in the morning. =)

Started journey as early as 6.30am, journey takes me about 30min using LDP connected to Putrajaya which is absolutely free from jam and I like driving early in the morning, sky still dark, enjoying my ride all the way to Putrajaya. I'm slightly confused by the road direction Putrajaya is huge takes time to search for the place. To be on safer side GPS still on and we reached at Presint II at 7.00am, the worst nightmare jam at the parking entrance. A bit disappointing there's no authority to guide on the parking side. Delayed nearly about 20min, just to get parking. and finally we're here at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012.

Timing just nice, came down from car, walked across the road I'm shocked to see lots of people who actually manage to wake up early in the morning, from young to adults everyone were here waiting to see hot air balloon. Saw on it on the field participants were in the middle of preparing hot air balloons I realized a lot's of photographers with DSR camera tagging on the center of the field just for photo shooting. How proffessional are they when taking photos I do not know, but I only know they're enjoying shooting balloons. =)

Setting up balloons #1

Setting up balloons #2

Setting up balloons #3

Now I know setting up hot air balloons it's not an easy job. Seen with my own eyes whereby team work, a big a main role here. Everyone has it's own job here. It's fun with the noise of setting up hot air balloon =)

Hot air balloon ready to fly 

Me on the event =)


Next will be field hoping, walking around  every field to see more designs on the hot balloons. This evenr attracted lots candidates mostly from oversea, not forgetting our local team too. Colorful balloons, attractivegs.

Photo shooting

Varieties hot air balloons #1

Varieties hot air balloons #2

Varieties hot air balloons #3

Varieties hot air balloons #4

Crowded with people

Photo shooting among the crowd

Varieties hot air balloons #5

Varieties hot air balloons #6

Varieties hot air balloons #7


This green hot air balloons was participated by MOHD SOBRI (MALAYSIA) He said "Starting as a personal hobby and never thought from this hobby I made friends from all around the world" Proud of him. =)


Photo Shooting 

Me Me xD


GARY MOORE (USA) Woodrow C. Greenleaf

Para suits



Taking hot air balloon xD


Merchandise Stall

After finished watching balloons on the air, now it's the turn of visiting stores. Heard of hot air balloons merchandisers were available here. For souvenirs why not? After all it's at affordable price for collection or for memories of year 2012 hot air balloon fiesta. They were keys chains, collar buttons, magnets, t-shirts, caps for sale.

keys chains, collar buttons

t-shirts RM10

Sponsor ship stalls

Walking to with stalls 


Beside that they were many others road shows stalls for business. Mostly are food and drinks sold here. The most attractive stalls would be balloons all over the place with different designs such as angry birds, Disney characters, etc stuffs. Kids actually love this too =)

Tethered Rides

After finished walking, back to car park, saw participants riding on the hot air balloons. It's called Tethered Rides. Sales ticket booth opens at 7.30am for morning session & 5.30pm for evening session. Need to buy in advance because only 300 tickets available. The price RM10 per head with 5-7min ride. Also very much depend on weather for riding. Nice experience that I ever had during this visit. Good to be here, see you next year, Bubye~ xD