Thursday, March 08, 2012

Chu13 - Part III - Bibi Wok BBQ & Steamboat

Daddy was craving for Malaysia food after back long CNY holiday to Malaysia. He told family he miss Malaysia food a lot. Wondering is nice in Malaysia, and he's been craving for steamboat lately. I ever thought of having 2 in 1 at both time, which mean BBQ and steamboat together. Klang Valley famous for this type of food and I found out this Thailand restaurant which actually serving both, BBQ and steamboat.

BBQ & Steamboat Buffet

Bibi Wok BBQ & Steamboat located at the first floor of Bandar Puteri Puchong. I been confused for the first time where by I mistakenly been into the ground floor that serve Bibiwok Nyonya Thai Restaurant. Waitress guided me to first floor. I can feel of comfort, warmth, and relaxation as I step inside, a place where I can move easily to while grilling process taken place..

Restaurant  ambiance

Sitting on the floor

There are two sections for seating place. You can select either to sit on the floor for dining or even sitting on the table and chairs for dining. So called, crowded with people, reservation is needed if you're coming late otherwise, you have to wait for long queue to be seated, not surprising the place will be full with people especially weekends and public holidays.

Family gathering

The environment of the restaurant was very good with an extremely good advantage of having an exhaust hood to every grilling tray/table to draw off the smoky smell from grilling meats. You don't have to worry bout going home with smelly clothings anymore. =)

Aloe Vera Juice

Bibi Wok, buffet concept, an adult per head is RM28.00 excluded drinks. What can aspect with RM28 free flow of food until you get bloated without extra charges. Again, Eat till your drop!! I dare you to eat here. While for drinks you need to order separately, bear in mind you cannot refill your drinks..

Banana Leaves

 Banana leaves [spreaded with margarine]

It's a simple process while ordering food. Everything it's ready over here, no need to wait for long hours. Waiter or waitress will take down the orders, decorated all the food nicely in a basket and serve it to you in polite way in Thai Language. Family craving for spicy soup, we asked for Tong Yam soup. For those who cannot take spicy soup, no worries, Chicken soup available here as well.

I'm attracted to the soup as it's transparent color which different from the ordinarily orange-red Tong Yam soup that we used to have it. This transparent Tong Yam, which I rarely seen in my eyes. Perhaps I should pay a visit to Thailand one day, to try out they traditional Tong Yam soup. When I tasted on the Tong Yam soup, spicier than orange-red Tong Yam soup, kicky taste bud, I just love it!! =D

Of so many BBQ steamboat I been too, this restaurant have a specialty in the grilling process. They're using banana leaves [speared with margarine, avoid food stick on the banana leaves] for grilling, so that the food won't over burn it, it's more healthier where by the oil drip down on the banana leaves. You can eat and cook at the same time, it's awesome. Yummy, yummy drooling!!! xD 

Ready for grilling

Mixed varieties of  BBQ & steamboats

Here you are, the lovely basket of BBQ ingredients. Here's my favorite lamb meats, marinated well with Thai secret ingredients, all you have to do is just grill it for approximately 10-12 min, it's ready to put in your mouth. Hard to describe the feelings, I only can said "DELICIOUS". White fillet and chicken slices meat not bad either, fresh flesh just grill it in between 5-10min, it will cook perfectly. Mouth watering, thumbs up!!

Turkey Ham with vegetables

Grilling part 

Turkey hams and duck meat was here available here too, just grilled in between 2-3min flip both side, there you go can eat asap. Both meats are shredded in fine tiny slice, definitely easy to cook. You can even eat raw if you like it or if like it in the soup, you can cook it into the soup. 

SPICY Kerabu Mango

This is my favorites dish. Without this, the whole set of meal it's uncompleted. Sweet sourish SPICY Kerabu Mango to be eaten just like that or you even  wrapped in cabbage leaves. CAUTION!! beware of chili padi, make sure don't bite otherwise will burn your tongue.

Dad & Mom Loving <3

Family photo

We have family photo sessions for our memories. We enjoy our food here, more like become own chefs, cook and eat own-self. Iit was a very good experience, especially when you're going with large group of people, you have bigger change to taste more varieties of food. Recommended  to eat here. =)

Bibiwok Nyonya & Thai Cuisine
No.16 & 16-1, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor.

Contact: Annie Yap
Tel: 016-322 3319
Business Hours: 11am-4pm, 5.30pm-11pm