Monday, November 02, 2009

Rum & Raisin Baskin Robbin

This afternoon while i'm back from lunch, i bought some fruits from hawkers stalls, tot of eating now but i'm very full after heavy food so decided to eat during tea break time, then i walked to pantry to keep those fruits in the refrigerator. On top of the refrigerator i saw lots of cup arranging in a circle. i wondering what are these cups for... **winks**

I opened the refrigerator saw big bowl of Baskin Robbin ice-cream... but i dunno it belong to who, i continue to keep my fruits inside the refrigerators... Suddenly Lim ask me take my own cup for dessert. I know.. Baskin Robbin ice-cream must be.. hahaha. Straight away i take my cup on my table to wash it, and place it to the top of the refrigerator.

Lim bought Rum & Raisins ice-cream to treat all the staff in the office. He become Baskin Robbin ice-cream seller for the day. He start crafting his own design of ice-creams. He bought extra kacang tumbuk n also choco sticks for toppings. While taking some nice photos my ice-cream done.. lovely contour glass with ice-cream. Seriously the taste it's nice rum (alcohol) ice-cream, creamy lots of raisin, walnuts + kacang tumbuk, choco stick.. ^^

Lim, Thanks for da lovely BR ice-creams...

Rum & Raisin BR Ice-Cream

So big bowl BR ice-cream

Lim's crafting BR ice-creams