Sunday, November 08, 2009

Restaurant City News Update

After the Halloween ended las week, there will always news event updates from Restaurant City Team.. Can't wait to open the envelope.. Double click on the envelope.. Here you go.. the Newsletter as below... ^^

After i went through the newsletter, now is the time for me to do some testing..
Time to have fun.. let's go.. yippie =P

Janitor is repairing the arcade machine =P

Since my waiter & waitress are busy serving, i'm helping to clear plates.
I got a trophy for this award =.=""

I also helped out to clean the toilets!! Yucks!!
I got a trophy for this award =.=""

Since i'm poor, I pay a visit to my friend's farm,
i help friensd to water plants so that i can get some pocket money for my restaurants.

U may also want to visit your friend to help them repairing their restaurants =P