Sunday, November 01, 2009

BIrthday Boy - Little Bro

Over the weekend is great bcoz i make use of time with family, as myself busy with work hardly spend some time with family. Last Sat i had dinner with family in Subang Parade to celebrate my little bro birthday.. He turns 19 this year..

As the birthday boy's wish, his choice is going TGI for dinner but unfortunately, there is no place for us. We need to wait for almost 1 hr for seating. The place is crowded with ppl as Sat night it also Halloween night, lot of ppl celebrating this event. Ended up we eat Sakae Sushi further down just by few distance walk for a comfortable dinner.

After dinner, we back home to cut cake. U know birthday WITHOUT a birthday cake it's like missing something. I bought little bro Choco Cheese cake from Cake Sense shop. He love it so much.. Happy birthday to my little bro. Some of the photo of his birthday...

Choco Cheese cake from Cake Sense

Me & Little Bro

Little Sis with little Bro.. Bz take photo

Dad & Mom having light session chat with bro