Sunday, November 01, 2009

Nyam Nyam Rice Snack

I came across the "ting ting man" who actually drop by my neighbors house when i came back from work last fri night. Raining cats n dogs but.. i still run out to the "ting ting man" just busybody what he is selling on his motorcycle.

Yeah, he is selling a lot variety snacks and bread. My neighbors kids happily buying snacks. This reminds me of my childhood use to buy snacks too. Seriously in KL it's hard to get ting ting man, normally ting ting man appears in small towns areas... agree??

I keep on walking 1 round to look for snacks, there is something hidden behind, that caught my eyes.. this little junk food called "nyam nyam" rice snack. I remember i used to buy this snacks during my primary school when i'm standard 5 in SRK Convent after 1pm while waiting for Mandarin class.. Last time the price was RM0.70, now it's RM1.10 that expensive... I wonder nowadays how much little kids got for their pocket money to school... ***winks***

Since i'm working now i don't mind paying for it.. I wonder the taste will it be same after so many years i'm out from school till now... Wait till i opened, it's looks same, colorful rice cake inside with choco cream. It also come small plastic stick (spoon) for dipping.. How nice is the feeling when i started to eat, all the memories came back to me.. my childhood life.... ^^

The packaging still same i think so, can't remember already

Colorful rice snacks with choco cream