Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love is...

For another motivation, he comes out with another thought that is "Love is...".

Love is....

  1. Knowing that part of the reason being here in this world is to devote ourselves to the betterment of the fellow man
  2. Cherishing thy enemy because he is an everyday presence…that it is he who sharpens and develops us
  3. The smile you get from a loved one first thing in the morning and receiving a gesture of genuine kindness from a stranger in the streets
  4. When all conflicts end and strangers become brothers
  5. Not about possession, and no one who truly loves you will impose thoughts, actions or words that make you guilty
  6. A feeling that turns hate, envy and aggression to dust. It is a feeling that fills every cell in our body. Love is all-consuming
  7. The spark that motivates you to pursue your destiny and it doesn’t mean sacrificing your destiny or your happiness for the sake of others including your loved ones
  8. Our reason for living. It gives our dreams meaning. It is the source of life
  9. A part of the language of enthusiasm. It is a part in your search for something you believe in and desire
  10. Present where freedom exists.

Thoughts written by Marc Wong

He reminded me about my old rusty relationship. To love someone it's not an easy thing but ""Love exists when you truly understand the meaning of freedom""

I put this in my mind always!! ^^