Sunday, November 08, 2009

Umami Steamboat

Sat evening raining quite heavy, the weather cold enough to eat steamboat. This time i'm going with my 2 younger sis and it's my 2nd time visiting Umami Steamboat, while the 1st time i'm going with my ji mui...... =P Emmie & Alice, here i come again.. muhahaha XD

This time, the steamboat charge RM23.90++ per head, eat all you can but if you waste the food they will charge you accordingly by grams. Remember always, try not to be greedy.... I still prefer Umami rather than Tasty pots, coz hygiene, clean and most important is the food is fresh..!!
Some of the food sightly different as they add-on a few new items. As i know waters are not allow to refill, but according to the waitress, hot green tea are allow to refill cost RM2 per tea bag. I can't drink other accept green tea it's good for my throat..

While other like new item they have is Watermelon jelly and also 5 different types of ice-creams flavors. Too bad, i couldn't taste it coz i'm having bad sore throat + cough ='( I saw my 2 sis enjoying ice-creams i think must be yummy!!! Steamboat without chili it's totally tasteless... Oh well, i don't care i want fast fast recover then i can taste it again..

Although previous blog i have capture lots of photos, but this time i couldn't help myself to snap photos again.. My hand it's ichy.. so i grab my phone cam to take photos while waiting the food done...Those who want to know more on my previous blog about Umami Steamboat, plz refer to my Aug 2009 archive folder. Time for me to pen off, sleepy.. nite nites all ^^