Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dae Jaeng Gum korean BBQ

Sat nite, we're planning to eat Korean BBQ coz the weather it's cold and it's nice 2 have something hot hot... Talking about Korean food, 1st timer to taste it.. hhmm my mind keep on wondering how's the taste of Korean food. Erm, i have lots of comments from my friends regarding about Korean food. 80% ppl say Korean food it's hard to eat coz the is not nice at all.. the rest it's about the Korean food.

So let's go for Korean Food.. In Malaysia as i know the most famous Korean food is Korean BBQ restaurant and the other is Dae Jaeng Gum korean BBQ. At first we decided to go Korean BBQ but we're disappointing coz the place it's totally too full and packed, I make choice to move to Dae Jaeng Gum korean BBQ. Finally we had this nice place to eat. It's very special place clean, and peaceful.

As the menu being served, i'm totally blur dunno what to order and what is the best to eat for Korean BBQ. After discussed friendly Korean lady boss, we had put in the orders. All the dishes served in a small portion sizes just nice for the stomach. I loved the way waitress grilled the pork BBQ, clean and hygiene. After that he teaches us how to wrap the pork with a slice of salad vegetable and put everything into mouth to eat, oh yeah it's crunchy with juicy smell of marinated pork BBQ.

I tasted Kim-chi and radish, it's hard to eat because i'm not use to the vinegar smell. Overall i love the food, thus i will have another choice of food in my menu list so that i wont get bored of eating Malaysian food beside i have Japanese food and western food. Let's go for the photos... hope you enjoy Korean Food! ^^