Friday, November 06, 2009

A Lesson about Humility

Today my life quite blurry.. as i'm down coz i'm sick, low motivated and mood less the whole day. Where is my current status, seriously i have no idea about it.. Trying on on MSN to look for friends chatting.. so that i will be more better in time... As waiting the medicine 2 work after my lunch.. Someone really motivate me on this..

A Lesson about Humility

This important lesson was taught by a Tibetan spiritual master who happened to be in town a couple of years back. Among his disciples was my uncle who passed the knowledge forward by sharing it with me.

Success is all around us in the manifestation of people we know or have heard about in the news – top earning celebrities, famous sports-people, corporate high-flyers, rich businessmen and women, and so on. The funny thing is, when we human beings have attained some form of success, we tend to have our heads “expand” a little bit and credit the success exclusively to our hard work, intelligence and even luck. It’s always about the “me”.

As a result, we adopt a “high-and-mighty” attitude and look down on people whom we perceive as being less successful than us. We give less respect to those who are less intelligent, fortunate or capable as us - one friend of mine was upset because there had been someone in her life who looked down on her simply because she grew up in a low-income family.

Coming down to earth, what we do not realise is that unknowingly, a huge part of our success was made possible thanks to divine intervention – in the form of a Bodhisattva (the Buddhist equivalent of a saint whose mission is to help people in this world) – some call it the Universe – others call it God or Guardian Angel – that is watching over us, lifting us over the pitfalls of life, making sure that we are doing the right things on the right path. None of our success would be possible without divine help. But sadly, some people just don’t see the divine intervention!

It has been said that nothing happens by coincidence and everything happens for a reason. The only way to affirm this is to recall your personal experiences. Was there ever a time when you received an opportunity that you would otherwise have missed? Have you met strangers who suddenly appeared at a critical stage in your life, giving you the guidance and advice that led you towards your goals?

Think about it.

And if, the next time we start to feel that success is getting to our heads, please recall this valuable lesson.

Thoughts written by Marc Wong

He came out with another thoughts.. I been seriously reading his thoughts.. but my mind is not functioning well to digest his thoughts.... What he said is true dont judge the person's by it's STATUS, instead of understand the person well. Open up your heart to understand, is that hard?? So make a move now.... ^^ After reading.. i feel clam ahead apart i can sleep well.. ^^