Thursday, November 05, 2009

What Makes Person Beautiful?

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What Makes Person Beautiful?

Well, one friend suggested that getting a new hairstyle was the answer.

A female friend of mine was criticised by her own friends about her looks and succumbing to peer influence, she spent her hard earned salary on an image makeover so she could look “prettier”.

Some male friends whom I know spend thousands of dollars on expensive clothing and all kinds of “gadgets” that claimed to improve one’s looks. All in the name of attracting the girl of their dreams.

While physical appearance does play a part in getting you that “first step in the door”, there are also other “invisible” qualities that make a person beautiful. It would be shallow to think that looks are everything and perceive hidden beauty with our naked eye. A wonderful lady I met recently precisely illustrates this point.

I met “D” at a seminar and at first glance you would notice that she has a lazy eye. Perhaps to some people, it would feel a little awkward at first to engage in an eye-to-eye conversation, because we all have been programmed since the beginning of time to establish a correct line of sight.

Despite being so, it was her outward confidence, sunny personality and energy that made her incredibly attractive to me, and suddenly I found myself appreciating her for who she truly is and not how she looks. But there was something else about D that made her truly special and sometimes it’s hard to describe what we call the “X” factor in a person because some things have to be experienced to be understood. All I can say is that she radiated a special kind of energy that could only be borne out of love for the people around her. Because whether you believe or not, we unknowingly give out signals to the Universe and those signals often return to us in the form of a response we get from the receiving party. In D’s case, she radiated so much positive signals that her inner beauty shone through and people who are open to receiving her love can sense it. Because I did and it felt absolutely wonderful!

So this is an important lesson for us to look beyond the superficial and understand that one’s beauty shouldn’t be judged from the exterior. However, this doesn’t mean that we should do nothing about making ourselves feel good. We should still hit the gym once in a while, go swimming, take up a sport, and engage in wholesome activities that keep our bodies fit, strong and healthy! Because your mind and body are part of the same system and therefore changes in one part of the system affects the other part. If you feel strong physically, your mind would naturally be strong too.

And before you start worrying about what others think about you, remember the words of inspirational author Paulo Coelho: “As human beings, we were all given a virtue, which is the ability to choose who we truly want to be. If we fail to exercise this ability, others will choose for us.”

Thoughts written by Marc Wong

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