Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hon Kee Porridge, Damansara Uptown

Having carved a name for its famous porridge and other specialties over the past 62 years, bringing you the original recipe that has been the best porridge stall in town. I'm sure the name HONKEE PORRIDGE famous since 1949, run by 3 generations, started with their late grandfather whom owned the stall six decades ago in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This shop located at Damansara Uptown, this restaurant is situated same row with Wondermilk cupcakes, it's a center shop and further down another landmark would be front row with TM Point. I'm a fan of porridge and love taste of porridge. A lot people think that it's easy to cook porridge just dump rice into water and boil it till become watery, but for me I think proper skill will work accordingly to cook a nice bowl of porridge.

Being a first timer walking into this shop, I have no idea what is this shop famous for and I don't even know what to order. I feel little bit disappointing with the shop without WIFI access, I can't check the info on Google what to order for food. I can't blame the waiter and waitress for not recommending their signature food, but everything is self service [pencil & ordering form] when come to ordering food.

Lot's of varieties for selection 

Immediately after opening menu, what attracted me the most FRESH FROG PORRIDGE. Why because of photo, while the rest is just normal to me accordingly to menu. When looking at frog porridge photo it's reminded me of Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge. I ordered Gong Bao [ Cantonese translation Kong Pou] frog porridge with dried chili.

Greenly nature with bamboo plants

The Hall of fame

While waiting for food to be serve, my hand it's itchy and I can't resist myself to snap photos every corner of the shop. Whole shop it's greenly concept with bamboos shoot as main decoration purposes. On the wall deco, news from newspapers, food column & not forgetting of food bloggers. It's peaceful with nature while enjoying porridge.

Gong Bao Frog Porridge served in clay pot after waited for 20min, together with You Tiao [ Cantonese translation Yau Zhar Kwai]. I love plain white porridge with soft, smooth texture with sesame oil, daun bawang on top. Every slurp of hot porridge was a delight to the empty stomach. Caution, it's hot when you put into mouth, otherwise will burn your tongue.. hehehe!!

Smooth texture porridge with sesame oil, daun bawang

Chinese Bread Stick

Gong Bao Frog Porridge with dried chili

For the Gong Bao Frog, frog is fresh and crunchy to eat, value for money but I'm disappointing with sauce, because it's too salty until cover up dried chili taste. After a few hours eating I felt very thirsty needed a lot water, replenishing salty taste. Overall I find it's ok to eat.

After doing researched, I only found out this shop is famous for raw fish porridge, pork meatballs porridge, pork innards porridge, century egg [Sien Tan] and minced pork porridge, shredded chicken porridge, teng chai Porridge, etc etc. Will be back visiting again, to try up some of dishes that makes you go yummy yummy. If you're porridge lover, do drop by to this shop anytime for a bowl of nice porridge with reasonable price.

Address: Honkee Porridge Restaurant 汉记靓粥
No 71, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS : N03 08.084" E101 37.258'
Bussiness Hours : 0700-2200 Mon-Sun

Official Site : Honkee Porridge
FB : Honkee Porridge
Contact : 012-2380362/ 019-9824328

While that, there are few more branch located in town:-
Lot 10 Shopping Centre (Hutong Foodcourt)
Bandar Puteri Puchong
Taipan, USJ
Kepong Metro Perdana
Petaling Street
N3.144298 E101.697832