Wednesday, October 12, 2011


After so long been using Streamyx Package 1Mbps with monthly fees RM99 for almost 6 years, now it's the time to upgrade to HIGH SPEED BROADBAND, because most of my family members are using internet daily. Can say each of us have own desktops and laptops in the house. What can you expect, 1Mbps sharing among 6 users at one time, must be draining right?

Of course, I been hearing too much complaints about UNIFI package. The first major issue is the package that's offered been too expensive. I agreed everyone too. After listing down pro and cons, here's are the benefit to enjoy UNIFI. Some are benefit that worth subscribing UNIFI. Let's check below:

1) House don't have Astro previously, available Hypp Tv Channel is additional channels to bring family closer while watching and enjoying TV programme together.

2) No lagging while playing online games, streaming online radios and videos, uploading and downloading with faster speed.

 3) Cordless phone which is rechargeable, can tag around within house. LAN line phone is free available for calling LAN line only.

4) No more tangling long cabling inside house, which previously inconvenience for kids and elderly people while walking around house.

The best is to subscribe online at UNIFI webpage, with FREE installation & equipment, FREE 1 month subscription. Promotion is available to limited time only.