Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Salad Bar

I'm invited by friend late evening dinner after work to this restaurant. When he told me we're going to have SALAD as dinner for tonite. I'm shocked & surprised only SALAD for dinner?? Never in my life I have salad as food for meal, *facepalm* @_@. I'm thinking is he crazy? Only salad for dinner?? Then this friend trying to convince me and explained to me in details about this restaurant.

After long talked, I decided to give a try on this salad meal. I'm curious to know what is so good about salad meal that everyone is going for that. This friend said "it's suitable for those who's on diet". My jaw dropped, "DIET"... swt -_-"

The Salad Bar located in Damansara Uptown (same row as the police station/ Public Bank) Curious to know how this shop going to be like. As i stepped into the shop, I feel fresh with the shop decoration. Colorful chairs arrangement with white table combination. Free WIFI access available, there also a lot salad magazine for your references while you enjoying your food. You even bring your own board game for leisure.

Besides serving salads, this restaurant also serves sandwiches, pasta, soups and juices. If you have no idea what to order, you can go through their menu that comes with pictures and a little information about what’s inside and how is it good for you. Ordering also made easy with three simple steps. Firstly, choose two greens of your choice then choose three toppings and lastly select one dressing. Salad available in small, medium & large sizes.

I tried out High Energy Superman Salad. Salad topped with generous amount of cornflakes that gave it a nice crunch, as well as savoury chicken sausages. However, if you don't like sausages, you can replace with herbs chicken or spicy chicken. Loaded with prunes, pumpkin, corn flakes, sausages and plenty of greens, definitely delicious!!

Next, my friend tried out the SuperSalad B.L.O.G. 4 combination colors of food oranges, raisins, olive, prunes, white soft taufu with sesame dressing. It bring you the oriental flavored salad when sesame sauce mixed well while eating together with taufu.

Another salad worth to try SuperSalad - Squares & Rounds. Salad with grains like chickpeas, buckwheat & millets and tossed with homemade miso dressing. Opening up flavor as you eat, love olive, crunchy and fresh.

Salad set came with fruit juice. I had once cup of fresh red apple fruit juice. All juices at Salad Bar are freshly squeezed, without addition of water and sugar, the way juices are meant to be. Originally sweetness come from 100% of fresh fruit. Red Apple juice tasted very natural with apple's kernel at the bottom of the drink. It’s perfect to quench your thirst any time of the day.

With the shop strategically located among the hustle and bustle of office buildings and in the heart of Petaling Jaya, there’s no excuse that you can’t eat healthily. Of course, you can always prepare the salad in the comfort of your home but why the hassle when it’s conveniently prepared for you fresh daily? It's also available for delivery services within distance area. Truly healthy life style with The Salad Bar shop.

The Salad Bar
No. 41, Jalan SS21/60,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel no.: +03-77312228 / +6012-201 1883 (Harry)
GPS Coordinates: 3.133887,101.62267