Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Secret of Louisiana

Recently a friend, invited me for lunch during office hour. A place that I never been before. Actually when he was talking about "Secret of  Louisiana" seriously I have no idea what is that about. Not until I been there and saw with my own eyes. Wow, This place is so near to where I been working nearby and I had never checked it out, I'm so blessed to be here =D

Secret of  Louisiana is a cafe & restaurant located in Plaza Kelana Jaya commercial area (built around where Kelana Jaya Seafood used to be). It's still quite quiet, with not all the shop lots occupied, so the great side effect is that parking is relatively easy to find:

View from sitting place to lake covered with canopy

Kelana Jaya Lake View

There is a nice Al-Fresco dining area at the restaurant, next to lake. It's a romantic place for dating couples. No matter lunch or dinner, I doubt it's a nice place to be. I'm sure during Valentine's Day would be crowded and packed with couples. Co-incidence lunch time is cooling weather plus windy day, just nice and relax while enjoying meal. Recommended to come here during night time for dinner because it's happening, romantic with beautiful decoration and lighting effects.

Scenery facing lake

Al-Fresco Dining Area

See caption at the bottom "EAT ALL YOU CAN".
Hehehe... seriously how to they make a profit with this?

How does this offer work? Simple, there are 6 different choices of pasta that you can select choice of your own preferences.. You can order from those 6 choices as many times as you can eat them in succession. That is to say, finish one pasta, order another. Simple!  A complete set meal worth RM14.80 including drinks, appetizer, main course and desserts. Sounds like a good deal?? =D

Menu board well decorated tinted with glass frame

Ice Lemon Tea

Soup of the day: Mushroom Soup

Salad Dressing 

Mexican Ageto Olive Pasta

Chicken Smoked Sausages Pasta

Creamy Pesto Waite Fisa Pasta

Vanilla Ice-cream for dessert

We didn't try every variety. Can't be too greedy to try all, still need to care for own stomach. Chosen 3 pasta of favorite choices. So was the pasta any good? Well I'd say they were decent. Don't expect too much for RM14.80. They are all very basic dishes but for the price you pay there's no reason to complain. My personal favorite is the tomato pasta [Chicken Smoked Sausages]. Chicken minced meat and sausages, opening up flavor, so well worth trying out.

Mexican Ageto Olive, not bad mixed with olive oil and secret mild spicy herbs. Not too oily. Another would be Creamy Pesto Waite Fisa would nice to try out if you personally like mint sauce, creamy mixed with fish meat.

I will be coming back second time later to try their actual menu (Cajun food!) that I came across, another food blogger on My Very First Blog by Foongpc. Oh and I noticed their set lunches are very decently priced as well so that's probably worth checking out. Enjoying my meal with nice lake-view. Thanks to my friend, I get to try a lot new food... =D

Secret of Louisiana Restaurant
Block D-01-01, Jalan SS7/13A,
Plaza Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7875 5230

Business Hours: Mon – Thu (11am – 3pm & 5pm – 12am)
Fri – Sat (11am – 3pm & 5pm – 1am)
Sun (5pm – 12am)
Website: Secret of Louisiana