Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Full House ssTwo Mall

Visited Full House at ssTwo Mall branch last Saturday, in conjunction of college mates gathering. It's been such a long we did not meet each other after graduated from schools everyone busy with working life. Some into marriage life, while the rest enjoying life. Gathering organized by Cecilia the host event for the gathering.

On and off been hearing too much news about Full House, yet this is the first time I'm stepping into Full House. This restaurant inspired by the popular Korean Drama titled Full House, owned by famous Korean celebrity.

Full house is a Lifestyle Store and Cafe, lots of different variety of choices on the menu that you can browse through and buy. As usual routine, flipping the menu what to have for my dinner, here's are the selection that I personally love it very much.

The dory fish was cooked till just nice, and the sautee shitake mushroom, chilies and crunchy vegetables. The sauce was creamy and tasty. But I find the portion is a little small, I would say is more like appetizer rather than main course.

 Dory Fish Set. Price-RM16.90 

The grilled chicken chop served with mashed potato, and daily vege was one of Lilian's favorite, as the black pepper raisin sauce went well with the chicken. Again portion is rather small according to Lilian.

 Chicken Chop Set. Price-RM18.90 

Smooth papaya milk shake nice combination with milk, but very disappointing on the bubbles pearls. Too hard to eat.. Sighs!
 Papaya Milk Shake RM8.90

After the makan-makan, it's photo session. We walked around the restaurant just for photo shoot. Some of the items for sales like clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Cute nice deco.

 Jennifer, Cecilia

 Nice bathtub deco

 Lilian, Me =P

Soft toy for sale 

 Notebooks, weird item available for sale

 Posting for myself =)

Enjoying my time with them. It's so fun getting along together. Girls talk plus lots of memories since the day schooling days until now. Hope to have more gathering and able to meet you all in the future.