Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lotus Curry House

I miss this "nasi goreng pattaya" or Pattaya Fried Rice a lot.. I still remember I eat lots of this during my college days. Cheap and value money for money that's my mind set college time... most of the time eat until bored sometimes, I see mamak food I feel like vomiting.. .. yuucckks~~~ T.T After years graduated, no more mamak for me but once a while hanging out for mamak food. Erm, a few dishes I totally forget, not after I saw people eating, my brain in recalling this...

Today lunch time, I'm invited by friends to Lotus Curry house for mamak food (more to indian) style nearby office. I still want to have my favorite "nasi goreng pattaya." It's fried rice wrapped with eggs.. Tempting, I couldn't help myself .. yummy!

Not forgetting, my favorite marinated curry fried fillet add-o... LMAO.. so nice 2 eat..I like fish instead of chicken... chicken.. everyday chicken n chicken.. I sounds scary lolz...Tit-bits is a must in mamak shop, they will serve "Papadum" mamak/indian thin crackers.My fvourite "Papadum"... I enjoying it a lot..

"nasi goreng pattaya" RM5.00

Marinated Curry Fried Fillet - Rm5.00

Papadum - RM1.00 per plate