Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong @ Ipoh

Talking about Ipoh, always in my ears "Ipoh, Nga Choy Kai" name familiar every where not just in Malaysia but in oversea too. Nga Choy Kai in Cantonese translation which means Bean Sprouts Chicken located Jalan Yau Tet Shin quite near to Foh San Dim Sum area, you can easily get there. My dinner towards around 8.00 pm more lightly not much people because rained.

Famous in Ipoh

Everyone came out late night, otherwise normal days will packed like sardine tin until no place to seat. Be sure you're early to get PARKING and a table, unless you're willing to queue and wait your turn to get seat. Orders are taken down in quick way without delay.

Open space kitchen

Eyes been looking around to see what I snap down for my blog post. Immediately I saw their open space kitchen, how they handle and prepare food to serve customers. Nothing much to hide, mostly younger guys are working over here. Here of the owner of the shop are in 30's too.Got to know some how waiters aren't friendly, they will sound you improper way when you place wrong orders.

Dishes we ordered.

Food served within 20 mins, I would said quite fast in away because everything it's ready earlier before they started business. I'm shocked by the quantity portion, rather huge for 3-4 persons. Was thinking if we can finish all the stuffs that we ordered.

Nga Choy Kai with mountain water

Taugeh [Bean Sprouts] famous because planted with fresh mountain water flowing from lime stones. Taugeh here are very special, shorter and fatter than the usual taugeh. Big portion seasoned with pepper powder, light soy sauce and oil. Not forgetting fried chopped scallions and red chilies garnished on top before serving. First time tasted "juicy, crunchy plus fatty shape cute!"

Steamed Chicken the smoothness texture

Taugeh must eat together with Steamed Chicken claim that their chicken's skin is the smoothness texture and tender in flesh. As usual mixed with light soy sauce, oil, garnished with chilies and daun bawang for serving. I like chicken meat moist enough to eat. One word delicious!

pork balls big like a ping pong balls

Beside that I love their pork balls in the soup. Big like a ping pong balls, bouncing, chewy and crunchy inside my mouth plus the sweetness of the soup can't describe with words. Take me twice to finish up each of the pork ball, too big to feed into my mouth at one time.

Steamed Chicken feet

My friend like chicken feet, thus he ordered extra dish for his craving. According to him chicken feet was only so so because opposite On Kee is must more better than Lou Wong. I have no comments on it because to me it's fine. Chicken feet are well steamed, moist and soft.

Smooth Koay Teow soup

Mixed everything and eat!! Thumbs up!!

Oh ya, not forgetting the Koay Teow soup. I did give myself a try on it. Not bad I would said sweet in flavorful soup that contains chicken bones, parts and served with a dash of pepper.. Fine tiny Koay Teow into my mouth are very much popular among the locals, beside that they do have Sa Hor Fun, white rice and [oil rice] nasi minyak for additional choice.

Lou Wong's motto "The Famous In Town"

Lou Wong's motto "The Famous In Town" price are almost the similar to the Jalan Gasing Chicken Rice. Be sure you're patient enough on the environment here. Recommended to eat, remember come early. I'm lucky escaped the large crowd, check out my previous post on White Coffee.

Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau
(Bean Sprouts Chicken/Nga Choy Kai)
49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia