Friday, January 20, 2012

Curry Wan Tan Mee @ SFS Kopitiam

SFS Kopitiam, Aman Suria

Been craving for this Curry Wan Tan Mee. Been long time did not back to this shop for yummy noodles. I'm not a fan of curry mee, but the curry here obviously kicking my taste bud. 2 years such a long time did not step into this place, I came here mostly on Monday sadly the shop it's closed on Monday, but today timing is good had a chance, dropping by for this noodles. =)

Both husband & wife of the shop owner

This shop located at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya. Business hours as early as 6am-4pm weekly from Tuesday-Sunday. Being friendly the shop owners are both husband and wife working together for many years ahead. I love the humor that he greeted his loyalty customers. Advise to be early to avoid packing with lots of people. Be prepared to wait for at least half an hour or more as everyone seated inside the coffee shop will be waiting for a plate of good Char Siew noodles. Reviewed by food bloggers and Sin Chew daily newspaper article.

Sin Chew Daily review

Caramelized Char Siew reheated inside Oven

This shop famous for it's caramelized Char Siew. To maintain yummy and juicy Char Siew, the shop owner reheated the Char Siew into oven before serving out with noodles. Tips before eating noodles, take a slice of Char Siew put into your mouth. You find caramelized Char Siew literally melt in your mouth. Juicy & sweetness, satisfactions, thumbs up!! xD

Signature Curry Wan Tan Mee big-RM5.50

My favorite Curry Wan Tan Noodles can't miss it. It's also signature dish that definitely must try. Curry noodles came with big cockles, taufu-pok, long beans and fried Wan Tans. Thumbs up for the curry broth, it was thick and rich, with a mild peppery heat and intensely flavorful spices. Fatter strands of Wan Tan noodles were used for the curry broth, everything it home made, excellent! =)

Lot's of Char Siew inside curry soup

Big bowl cost RM5.50, while small bowl cost RM4.50. The best is squeezing limau and mixed together everything ARRGGHHH.. 1 word, delicious!! Can't describe anymore.. all you have to do is try yourself! Enjoy.. happy eating!! =)

SFS 747 Kopitiam Best Char Siew
747 Kopitiam (SFS Kopitiam)
Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya.