Saturday, September 05, 2009

Melaka Trip Part 3

Phew.. back back.. so much to write... -_-" Whole day walking.. so tired and sweating like mad, my legs going 2 patah very soon.. but my eyes saw a lot ppl been taking boats along Melaka rivers. Sounds nice.. and also good for resting my legs. I quickly drags my friends into the boat... whatever i don't want to walk until my legs recovers back.. Yippie, we bought boat tickets for RM10 per person. The journey it's about 45min ride, it's more than enough for me to heal my legs, kesian my legs -_-" Once we got up the boat, and the engines starts, wind blows onto my face...

My legs it's healing.. now can walk back not so tired already. As we get down from the boat, further is the Melaka Kincir Air, quite a popular spot and also come to Kota Pertahanan Belanda, saw some big cannon still in good conditions as been maintained well by Melaka tourism.

Last spot in Melaka not forgetting a famous chinese street called Jonker Street. A definite haven for antique collectors and bargain hunters. Authentic artifacts and relics. some dating as far back as 300 years, can be found among a host of interesting collectibles, each with its own history and mystery. Jalan Hang Jebat, formerly known as Jonker Street, is known worldwide among famous antique collectors as one of the best places to hunt and bargain for antiques.

A lot things to buy, crowded with peopels usually chinese, who loves to buy and shop. AFter a fews shop, i get myself a purse with RM28, unique hand-made hp chain RM5. I also got Melaka belacan and Cincalok for my mom cooking. Time consuming, but i don't have a chance to taste Melaka food, like Malacca chicken rice ball, Melaka cendol, Melaka satay celup.. I will be coming to Melaka again for food. Next trip for sure.... ^^

Hand made key - written my name ^^

My lovely purse both side is zipped ^^