Monday, June 08, 2009

How well do you know Anderson Loo?

Uuumm.. i logged into Facebook during lunch time, i browse through and i came across interesting application that is called How well do you understand me? Erm, after thinking long n long.. i decided to take this application that belong to my friend Anderson Loo. I wanna test myself how well did i know him since friendship about 4 years ++ with him..

Oh well, i understand him only based on the score it's about 53%, 8 of 15 question i answered it correctly which means i understand him half only.. That it's quite ok i'm statisfy with the score but there some question that is very tricky that actually testing my mind a& patient. Let me share with you what the question that i answer wrongly.. I'm not going 2 tell the answer as, i wanted 2 keep in private for other 2 answer it as well.. ^^

Let's continue below, here are the question:-
Correct answer = (Y) Wrong answer = (N)

What is my first driving car? (N)
i knew it but i choose wrong answer T.T

2) What is my ex gf name? (Y)

3) What is my motor brand? (N)
i knew his motor but i dunno what brand =.=

4) Which is the only state I never go before? (Y)

5) Where I born? (Y)

6) Normally I like to speak in? (Y)

7) What drinks normally I order in cafe? (N)
He not drinking beer meh? =X

8) What is my favor gaming in casino? (N)
i dunno about this as well T.T

9) Where am i living now? (Y)

10) What is my favor acitivities during weekend? (Y)

11) What is my primary e-mail? (N)
How come not PureFren? =X

12) What kind of company i never joined before? (N)
I dunno about this =.=

13) I am living in? (Y)

14) What is my watch brand name? (Y)

15) What is my shoe sport brand? (N)
i shouldn't get this wrong coz i accompany him buy shoe b4 T.T