Friday, June 05, 2009

Ss2 Chao Yang Pasar Malam

Uumm yesterday my friend Alice inviting me to pasar malam. Such a long time i didn't go pasar malam after all i been busy with my work all the time. Well, yesterday such a nice day 2 go pasar malam coz it's school holiday less traffic jam. After work, i picked up Alice then we go 2 pasar malam together.On the way when i picked up Alice, i'm listening 2 OneFm rangers . They were in Ss2 pasar mlm, and give out a lot frebies. I thinking whether i'm able to reach there within 20min, but i missed it coz traffic congested in Kelana Jaya LRT station.

We reached there about 7pm, just nice as sun set not so warm when we walk in pasar mlm. I hardly can find parking, full everywhere thinking of parking Lilian's house.. too bad, there's someone use her parking lot. Erm, i by pass Lilian house i saw there is blue cheverolt car, i dunno whether the car belong 2 her coz never hear from her such a long time. Ummm... i check with her with some other time when she free XD. At last i parked my car behind the housing area and here we come.. pasar mlm .. Awesome!!! yeah~! I got some interesting photo that something the food & items that spend in psr mlm. Without talking much, let the pic do the talking.. ^^

Nice dessert called Kiwi Lolo = RM3.50

1 mix fruit popia = RM2.80
1 salad popia = RM1.60

China hamburger with sausage =RM1.80 each

3 pairs of mix earrings = RM10.00

3 mix rubber bands tie hair = RM2.00

1 mix chinese selction song = Rm7.00 pirated CD XD

I tried some other food, my fav hometown chee cheong fun not that nice coz the ingredients quite less and tasteless yet expensive 1 slice RM1.40 T.T wtf.. exp!! I also try fried nangka not really good as well coz not cruncy plus sticky, 10 pieces RM5.00.. wtf exp!!!! =.=" Yet i give cd selld cheated the cd, inside all lousy songs.. coz i dunno read chinese, cd seller said it's nice song .. wtf.. sob sob.. spoiling my mood.. hahaha.. nah, just 4get about it.. I enjoyed pasar malam.. i will go there next month to get some cheap stuffs ^^