Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TsurayaSan MLPQ in Mulung Town

Yesterday after i after meeting my syg, i was invited by xiaobaby maple mei to MLPQ in Mulung town. What is MLPQ it's called Mulung PQ whereby new party quest launched in Maple Story 2. You can party up max until 6 ppl for training and get title of master. Beside this you will be awarded by white, yellow, blue, red or black belt. Each ranking wil have different pont n range. Sadly this belt it's untradeble item.

Quoted from MapleSea website....

"Mu Lung Training Center

Only by surviving the Kung Fu Panda Master’s challenge, will you earn the title of a master! Prove yourself by taking up the challenge from Mu Gong, the Kung Fu master from Mu Lung Training Center and achieve different colored martial belts to signify your grade. You can reach the training center at any one of these locations: Mu Lung, Elinia, Kerning and Orbis town."

For myself i have achieved white belt with 200 points. Not bad, now i'm amining for yellow belt that will nee 1800 points. Aarr.. that's hard but with party up, i think shouldn't be a problem 2 achieve it. Inside the MLPQ pq is to fight with "boss" all high lvl mobs with different ranking lvl. We (party members incluing myself) managed to get to room 30th floor where by met up with Crimson Balrog ..unfortunatelly Crimson Balrog it's too strong, just touched him.. straight die F5... priest always less HP F7... =.=" haiyo.. now my aim is kill rog...!!! So sad.. F4. Above is some of the pt members, will mosnter riding hog.. Cute!!..... hahaha F2