Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Back... Year 2009 Part 2

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Day by day, month by month, year by year, time passing very fast, i been working with current company exactly 1 year 1 month 15 days.. but still keeping a hope that i will get a new job that is better environment. While looking for a job, i have the fear inside myself as myself very tired of changing job + phobia dunno how's the new environment going to be in the future.

Time it's good after month of March, good news for myself as i was being offered a new job which is called System Technical Support with company named SkyQuestCom.Com This is a Singapore based company e-learning portal world wide. Company it's in Dataran Prima, Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya. It's 10 min drive from my old office.

I joined new team on the 16th April 2009, it's about going 2 be 1 month myself in SkyQuestCom. Better benefits in this job, first thing is i don't need to travel out again, my job mainly based on remote desktop sharing / video conference / trouble shooting web page. My health improved a lot as, less pressure and stress.

I enjoyed the freedom in new environment, surf net, chatting n listening radio. Colleagues been friendly sharing n exchanging ideas. Sometimes they're funny and also creating stupid jokes, laughing the whole day. Off work on time, no OT require.

Picture on right hand, it's a group photo whereby company it's celebrating for staff's birthday for
Apr babies. Hopefully i have better career path in this company.