Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm Back... Year 2009

Yo yo all... ^^

It's been long time i didn't write on my blog. Since last year Dec 2008 until now, May 2009. Let me tell u more about my update what am i doing for the quarter year 2009.

Reason no time to update my blog, coz i'm really busy with work. I hate my current job coz a lot issues in working place. Typical china man company that doesn't provide good benefits to the employees, such as parking(paying own parking), mileage claims (1km=RM0.40 not enough 4 me to cover my monthly car petrol), multitasking job (admin, sales, marketing, tech support, trainer, etc)

No space for me to breathe while i'm working. i'm stressful and working in pressure always. I can't finish my job on time as, need to prepare for tomorrow schedule as company business it's small in scale size. Work always cannot finish, i find that myself overloaded with those stuffs. Colleagues are not helpful enough when i'm having problem in work.

I hate to service customer coz they have problem in work, they will keep on bugging you non-stop even after workings hours. Worst is i dont know where they got my hp no. 80% customer are unreasonable coz when they call us for support, normally their issue pending problem it's in critical stage. So i have cracked my head to give them solution. This is quite challenging and it's not easy to handle it.

No doubt, i hate it but earning money to survive, all i can do is to "tahan" & "telan" everything until i get a new job. I wanted to resigned my job last year aug 2008, but economic down turn i hold on till after CNY hopefully can get better job.
Well i don't demand for any increment or BONUS coz i'm just only working 1 year in this company. Time is bad when economic down turn, a lot ppl is jobless i'm thankful to God i'm still holding a job.

I take it as God challenge.. I know you will show me a better shinny day.
More story stay tune to next coming blog. ^^