Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hometown Food

After work, I back hometown after work to avoid traffic jam.. Traffic is smooth thank god coz the traffic is smooth. The next morning parents bought some local hometown food for my breakfast...Some local kuih that i miss so much. I wanted to eat in 1U (color city) shop unfortunately it's expensive.

Lunch time, bro buy the famous Ah Wah mee rebus for me.. I think 1 year no back hometown eat all this food, my favorite laksa that my aunty cook during CNY n not forgetting Kuih Kapit.. Yummy.. tempting... =P

Kuih (ubi keledek, nasi pulut, kuih lapis)

My favourite laksa and kuih kapit

Mee rebus crunchy with crackers

This time I have all my photos in 4 shots, coz I lazy uploading 1 by 1..but very tedious when I combined all piece by piece... @@ challenging and need alot patient to do combined all photos