Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Paddington - House of pancakes

Right after visiting Curve, now it's time for lunch.. We're undecided what to eat for lunch as in the streets of Curve there are lots of variety choices. Yet I can't decide what to have for lunch, I leave it to my friend to decide. He suggested that I should try this shop coz the food is make from pan-cake. When first time he bring me to this shop, I'm shocked with the word "pancake", I thought we're having something sweet pancake (not a proper meal for pancake). He is trying to convince me that this shop it's exactly like TGI western food..

But... but... hey... I don't want to go to pancake house just for a pancake =="""
He drag me in... he changed my mind... lolz ==""
I have food with pancakes it's awesome... =P
Thanks for bring me there....

Paddington - House of pancakes

Patrick: Lime+Soda+Lemon drink RM7.90
Me: Citron+Mango drink RM7.90

This is how we look when we're having cool drinks ==""

Patrick's California set RM22.80 - inside got pancake

Me:Set lunch RM11.80 - also including pancakes =="