Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 13 CNY (Chu 13) - Korean Food

Noon time, went lunch with sis after long walk in Pyramid shopping today, coz it's a public holiday. No idea what to eat for lunch, sis decided to eat in those shops behind Asian Avenue, inside new building inside Sunway Pyramid. Normally I shop but did not taste the food here.. So I give myself 2nd try on Korean Food. Hope it's nice coz I believe Korean Food it's hard to eat, maybe it's the taste that we're not use to it...

Korean Food Shop

After tasted this shop, the food changed my perception.. Recommended to eat as the price it's reasonable with set lunch. Korean Ramen RM12.90, Mixed Rice with Tuna set is RM11.90 & Korean Peanut Green Tea RM1.90.