Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chu12 - Part II - Lucky Draw Event

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Event continue next activities that were Cooperate Awards and Lucky draws. Team mates being awarded with achievement that serve 5 years services in my co-operate environment. Congratulations, hard work pay off with the achievement award. We have our Regional Country Sales Manager presenting the award to them.

 Award Achievement: 5 year services #1

  Award Achievement: 5 year services #2

 Award Achievement: 5 year services #3

Next, was the lucky draw that practice in tradition to have lucky draws. Prizes sponsored by our suppliers. There were Ipad 2 x 4, X-Box 360 x 1, Canon digital camera x 1, WD External HD x 4, Vouchers and Hampers out for grabs. Everyone excited with the rewards, Ipad 2, who don't want? There's below's were the winners of Ipad 2. Congratulations. =D

 Lucky draw: Ipad 2 Winner #1

 Lucky draw: Ipad 2 Winner #2

 Lucky draw: Ipad 2 Winner #3

Lucky draw: Ipad 2 Winner #4

You all must be thinking what I won for the lucky draw right? Let me show you my rewards as below. Flip flip opening red dragon Ang Pow.. Tada.. I got this Western Digital External Hard disk with USB 3.0, 1 Tera byte. Not bad right? Of course I have NO luck for Ipad 2, but I'm thankful got this Hard disk rather than hampers or vouchers.

My lucky draw

External Hard disk

Lastly, event ended up with photo sessions as memorable moments for year of 2012. Being casual that day because it's friday, t-shirt and jeans at the most presentable outfit that day. Sales team, operation team and technical team made everything success. All is about co-operation working in a team. Pray for the best, hope everything go smooth for year of 2012.

 Group photo session #1

 Group photo session #2

Group photo session #3

Group photo session #4

Lastly thank you for the wonderful dinner we had this year. Wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year. Cheers!! =D