Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tutti Frutti @ Taipan, Subang Jaya

I love to have dessert since I'm young. I'm inherited by mom, she love cook dessert when ever she is free. To me a bowl of dessert can make you relax and claim. Some people said dessert will make you grow fat, some said too sweet because of health concerns. To me, everything you can eat moderately, know how to control your diets and you still enjoy it till max. =D

Recently, I been cravings for nice lovely desserts. My bro introduced me to this newly open dessert "Tutti Frutti". I think been it's been widely opening up in a couple of months, I just got to know it since last week. Everyone been gossiping this dessert is very expensive, serious?? HHhmm... let scroll down.. and check it out =D

Tutti Fruitti is Frozen Yougurt dessert 100% made by fresh fruit. There's a few flavors for your choice of selections, definitely will melt you heart nicely. How to do order? It's simple just follow the instruction given, and everything DIY. Select a cup size, dispense & Mix Frozen Yougurt, Pick Faouvrite Toppings , lastly Weight & Pay.  Let's scroll down follow the steps below =D

Everything is self serve, sis selecting smallest size cup and she on the dispenser selecting Kiwi flavor. Pull the scrollbar down, then frozen yogurt will pour onto the cup.

Here you are after dispense & Mix Frozen Yougurt. Mix of Apple, Kiwi & Mango flavor. You can even eat like that without toppings. It's sweet and sour taste =D

There are a lots of topping for your choice of taste. These are dry topping, choco chips, M&M, etc etc. There is no limit for toppings, you can take whatever you like.. =)

Next are wet topping basically is different types of jellybeans, natta de coco and fresh fruits!! Frozen yougurt without fruits is like missing something right? lolz =P

Here's my output after I selected toppings. See how colorful it is? Tempting.. Can't wait to eat .. lolz =P

Last step weight & pay! Did you see the price??Wow, it's the most expensive dessert I ever tasted before. I took a lot fresh fruits, it's heavy weight, lolz  =P Let see what the taste... yum yum.. Can't wait to eat..

The smallest cup cost so expensive, I can't image is big cup.. it will cost more than this. I just love the taste, sweet and sour yogurt, melting in your mouth, then go together with fresh fruits & chocolate chips, really melting my savory. I after eating, I feel like addicted and wanted more...  =D

Everyone in family enjoying this. Recommended to try, no doubt is expensive once a while it's worth to try it out. =D

Tutti Frutti can be find in another selected branches near your house or any shopping complex which is listed in their franchise business concept. I like their scenery too, relaxing when sit and talk with your friends. Is a good place for relax. Wifi provided too if you want to surf net.