Monday, April 11, 2011

Hong Kong Dessert 甜品哥哥

Another up coming dessert stories I would like to share here. I been to Hong Kong Dessert 甜品哥哥 last Friday evening right after work. This is my second time visiting this dessert shop at SS15 Subang Jaya opposite Asia Cafe. The main branch is located in SS2, that I been before somewhere last year 2010. As I walked in, relatively quiet weekdays, perhaps is still early for dessert time. Atmosphere cooling and relaxing with soft music.

This shop is well known Hong Kong Dessert 甜品哥哥
(as Tian Pin Ge Ge or Dessert's Brother)

Menu Book

Menu well designed, photo of every dessert is really tempting. a lot of varieties to choose. All desserts are nice, I don't know which is good. Since I love fruits I decided to go on with some fruits, good for digestion right after dinner. I ordered Fresh Fruit with Noodles. I found out something special that is they use noodles for this dessert. It's not like normal noodles we eat, but it's made from jelly with spring. Once you bite you can feel the spring and juicy with mix fruits.

Fresh Fruit with Noodles

My friend Emmie ordered Heart of Greed dessert with jelly, natta de coco & mixed fruits. Fruits diced into cubes specially to combine with jelly & natta de coco. Fresh, juicy melting into your mouth. Enjoying till max.

Heart of Greed dessert

I have photos during my first visit at SS2 branches which i would like to share it here as well. This is Mango Pudding with Noodles, for those mango lovers. Fresh and juicy when you eat. Ripe sweet mango you can taste it here, at the price of RM7 per bowl.

Mango Pudding

I also ordered of Mango Pancake (RM3.50 per piece). The skin was too thick, and it was overladen with cream instead of mangoes. Durian Pancake (RM4 per piece), slightly little bit more expensive than Mango Pancake. Again, overwhelming amount of cream. I find it too creamy to eat like that such a small size. You're allow mix order for different 2 flavors of your choice.

Mango Pancake

During PanCake

While Tim Pan Gor Gor is good with the signature noodles, you can actually try it out yourself. Seems like this place is a perfect hangout with friends out there.