Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cash Wash

I been looking car wash every where near by house, until i found a suitable place for me to get my car clean asap.I hate to see my car stuffy and dirty with dust. I have not been washing my car lately, it's not for being lazy, rainy days does not allow me to do washing..

Lots of ppl said that if u send to cash wash, definitely your car is going to get scratch cause they do not clean in nicely. Just an experiment to test is out how they actually clean car. There is big different in this, cleaning center it's more efficient than I clean it myself, no doubt machine and tools they use it's more better than I do at home.They took about 30min to complete whole task. Price it's reasonable wash and clean that will be RM10. Now my car it's clean, I feel so fresh when I drive it... satisfied with their service.

Hydro pump that use eletric to generate water

Liquid chemical sprayed into car

Dry car after washing

Lastly, vaccum the car.