Saturday, May 15, 2010

Banana Leaf - HotMedia Hotel

Talking about banana leaf rice it's mostly popular dishes in Malaysia. This time, I'm invited to have banana leaf in HotMedia Hotel restaurant, Dataran Square opposite NVKE Damansara Toll. I heard that this is new shop, lot's of people would be visiting the shop early in the noon time.

Service it's quite good, very fast. I just had a simple, I can't eat too full otherwise I will have indigestion, bad for tummy. My favorite papadum crackers is there! =P I didn't manage to finish all.. too big portion, @.@ Recommended to to eat, RM10 per head, cheap? Till you taste it~~

Banana leaf rice with DALL gravy

Side dish: Fried Fish

Side Dish: Curry Chicken

Hands on it's delicious !!

P/S: Cleffairy, I still remember your post on banana leaf, salivour drop when I read your post, now I have chance again to taste banana leaf rice, LMAO!!!