Thursday, December 02, 2010

Goodbye SkyQuestCom Global

* Note: Continue... back dated post...

In previous post, I did mentioned that "I wanted to go vacation, but my current situation it's not allowing me to do so.... " Why?? Because I got a better offer in my new career path. i'm no longer with SkyQuestCom Global Malaysia family but instead of joining a new Telco Network.

Oh well, heavy heart to leave my old company. Surviving there is not an easy but I had made it through for 1 1/2 years there. I again lot's of valuable working experiences which is related to the current to new company but I into it in more details later. I would like to expressed my feelings from the bottom of my heart with a word 'THANK YOU' all in SkyQuestCom Global Malaysia for your exchanged knowledge and guidance.

Farewell Gift from my team =)

Farewell Card

 All my team signatures =D

 2 in 1 function = Light + saving coin box

Cute little working bag =D

 My boss had small farewell lunch for me at Chinese Restaurant. Eh.. I'm also surprised my teams given me some farewell gift before I leave it. All I say 'THANK YOU' for all your wonderful gifts. It means a lot to me... I worker harder in a smart way in this coming season. Stay tune for more updates =D