Sunday, December 05, 2010


I have good news, I would like to share with all women out there, that you're DO NOT need to suffer from women's sick during menstrual cycle. For myself, every month i been suffering some of the symptoms before my menstrual cycle. Every month I have backbone pain, stomach cramp, breast pain and the most I hate is my mood swing. I often being categories by certain people that I have bad temper due to my mood swing always. sad....  T.T

Can you believe that actual I do not have menstrual cycle for 1 year? I'm being worry all the times, and I did go for regular check up with my panel doctor yet they is no improvement on this. After 1 year, I get back my menstrual cycle but on and off is always irregular and keep on delaying every month. Sometimes I got heavy flow and sometimes I have very less. I don't even have stamina and I always tired most of the time.

This because why? Doctors said I have imbalance hormones. Doctor tell me to take some health supplement which they believe EPO can help to regulate my menstrual cycle. My friend recommended me to A brand or even Y brand to repair my menstrual cycle. Both of them disappointed me I can only take BEFORE my menstrual cycle and CANNOT take during my menstrual cycle. I feel the HEAT which is my temperature goes up. My mom even boiled TONG GUAI soup for me after my menstrual cycle. Most of the time i'm busy with work, i back home late and I missed the soup too. I also even try to take pain killer when I have stomach cramped.

I keep on doing research to find the best solution to repair hormones until till day, I got really fed-up and burst up the problems to my friends. My friend recommended me to some health food which can help to repair my hormone and get back my accurate menstrual cycle. First of all, I told my friend  "Can or not? I already try many products, I feel reluctant to try it because I feel hopeless" Then my friend sit down and explained to me and give me lot of supports on this. She showed smile face to me that this products can help to improve my hormone. Without any hesitation I try it out myself.

This health food is called CONGERNERGY. CONGERNERGY help to balances hormone secretion, increases concerntration; echances vigor and energy, virility, stress tolerance and stamina. CONGERNERGY is made from Ji-Lin Ginseng, Bee Pollen, Licorice Root, Green Orange Peel, Chinese Cassia, Chrysanthemum extract. All are 100% from plants.

It can be taken anytime 4 capsules in a day. It's in capsule form which is compact size. You can carry around in your bag and follow you to daily routine.The best is CONGERNERGY can be taken DURING MENSTRUAL CYCLE. I DO NOT FEEL HEATY or I DON'T even need to drink a lot water when taking it. Recommended to take before bed time. When you sleep, it helps to repair your hormone. After taking nearly about two months, I'm satisfied with results. I feel less pain on the backbone pain, stomach cramp, breast pain, less mood swing and my menstrual a normal flow this time. I gained back my energy and stamina too. I can put a smile on my face now. Thanks to my friend. =D