Friday, December 03, 2010

Price hike for RON95, LPG and sugar

On the way driving back from work.. I received sms from my sis saying that "go pump petrol lo, esok price increase". I'm thinking, huh it can be a mistake?? Coz as I noticed petrol just increased back last 5 months back. If you followed on my previous blog "Malaysia Fuel, Sugar Prices Rise After Subsidy Cuts".

I doubled checked again with my sister and I asked her "Is that RON97 instead of RON95?" She confirmed is RON95. Luckily she told me earlier, just about to reach my house, I dropped by petrol station to pump petrol. Noticed that lot's of car been queue-ing up to pump petrol. Peak hours, every pump is full so you gotta wait for your turn. My time is right, my meter showing me only left 2 bars, so it's good time for me to pump. I paid RM50 to get full tank.

My car tank is 52 liters.Previously when petrol price was RM1.85 x 52 liters = RM96.20, now after increasing I  can get only RM1.90 x 52 liters = RM98.8. It only different by RM2.60. What do you think about the differences of RM2.60? How about mommy at home? Does sugar price affects you all?? Please free to drop me comment on this.. =D

For me, everything is hard earn money, I utilize money well even though is little =D
So go pump your petrol now before 11.59pm midnight!! More info @ The Star Price hike for RON95, LPG and sugar