Saturday, July 17, 2010

Malaysia Fuel, Sugar Prices Rise After Subsidy Cuts

Talking about the government (via the Prime Minister’s Office) have decided to increase the price of various items in the country via the reduction of subsidy. To cut short story.. will this affect on your daily spending budget?

In my opinions, increase it's not a big margin but I have to watch out on my petrol spending. Everyday I rely on my car to work.. so petrol is important to me. KL famous for heavy massive jam, my petrol is like drinking water burning fast, thank god.. that I have fuel saver car which I don't need to worry on high petrol consumption. I made right choice without any regret. =D

I heard from my friend that petrol is going to increase by midnight. So I decided to get my tank full before price increased. I wonder if this situation is repeated back on few years that petrol increase to MYR2.70 per liter.

I went out quite late around 11.30pm to pump petrol. Quite a number of people who wants to enjoy old price petrol before increase to new price. I had my full tank too.. My tank can stand for 1 week .. cool =D
How about you all? Did you pump petrol as well??