Monday, July 12, 2010

hotdog @ IKEA

I had my lovely weekend at IKEA for window shopping.. Actually we're not into IKEA just that my mind keep on prompting me to IKEA have nice cheap food for tea-break. I'm sure you all know IKEA is offering cheap snack food which suits everyone's taste.. =D

My saliva keep on dropping, as we by pass IKEA food's corner. I'm  holding my friends back, tell them take a break before we walk further.. Too bad, weekend lots of people queuing up for food!! Even is 3 lanes, are packed with peoples. Alice said, since too much people let come back in another round perhaps there will be less people later.

Alright, we come back around round after 2 hours shopping.. still lot's of people. We separate into 2 groups, Alice & Emmie, queue up to buy food, and me queue up to find place to sit. I'm so frustrated coz I been standing almost 30 min, I can't even get place to sit. Some people really in considerate, they just grab and fight each other. I'm telling myself this is not a day for me.. I hope that I have a place to sit!! I gave up in waiting,, so I made a move to check on the gals  if they are done with their foods.

My anger gone, once I got my hotdog in my hand. Tired and starving... I want to eat u.. hotdog!! I walk with my friends to find a place to sit.. Arrggghh.. Finally a kind aunty who actually know I'm waiting long for place to sit.. She wake up and offer me place to sit. My day become brighter, after waiting so long.. I got it!! Happy =P Hotdog is melting my taste till max =D What is so special about hotdog?? Beside Steam breads and hotdogs, Ingredients like marinated onions, mustard & chilies sauce make hotdog go yummiest!! Just only RM2, eat till max.. =P

IKEA also famous with curry-puffs. Too bad, I can't event eat coz my gum still paining. Emmie had curry-puffs. IKEA famous with BIG curry-puffs just only RM2 each. Inside have eggs, minced chicken meat & potatoes!! It's nice to eat when it's hot.. =D

While both of us eating, Alice enjoying IKEA ice-creams. She told IKEA had white fine smooth ice-creams. I just wondering is this better than McD's sundae? Ice-cream cost RM1 =D That my outing for the day.. Woot~~ =P