Thursday, July 01, 2010

Brown Rice Green Tea - Korea

This is backdated post. I been to Koren festival with Nigel last weekend in Empire Gallery for a walk after heavy steamboat. After getting down from car park, we saw lots of people at the crowd and wondering what happen there.

It was Korean festival on the ground floor display session. Mainly is selling different types of Korean food in conjunction of promoting Korean tourism in Malaysia. I dropped by on dry food whereby a session lots of display selling tea.

So far, I drink before Chinese tea, Teh Tarik, bubble tea and Japanese Green Tea. I never tasted Korean tea before. I wonder how is the taste of Korean tea. I bought a packet of Korean Brown Rice Green Tea which cost me RM7.90. I'm attracted to packaging which make me think tea will be good =D

I flipped over the box and I found this instruction of making a cup nice brown rice green tea. I can find English words on the packaging beside Korean words =D

This how I follow instruction on the packing.. Once I open packing, I like brown rice smell, similar to roasted groundnut smell, that make me love it =D It's convenient to boil because comes with a tea bag. All you all to do is put the bag into cup and boil hot water pour into cup. Wait for 3min and remove tea bag.. and taste it =D

This tea accompany all the way when my eyes and hands are on the computer especially blogging time. Recommended to drink when it's hot. I love it so much =D