Monday, July 12, 2010

Sushi King - Subang Parade

I had dinner with Emmie in Sushi King Subang Parade last night after heavy shower of rain. Thinking of what to eat.. she suggested that we eat sushi, because she have membership discount card. Once we reached the shop, again table is full with people, sighs.. queue up again lo.. again not my day =X

We're second lane after first customer in front us waiting for seats.. I been looking around, waiter and waitress ignoring us at the front counters. That's bad though..After waiting for 20 min, exactly in front of us, the couple is walking out exactly the place is for us because we're only 2 people. Just nice.. I tot the place is for us.. but suddenly two bitches gal is cutting our queue. How desperately they are.. Emmie is cursing the gals for cutting queue.. i just puzzled myself staring at the bitches but couldn't help at all. Yet the stupid waiter and waitress is ignoring our words just let them sit. I'm getting mad really.. 

You know just not just both of us pissing off but behind elderly man is pissing off too.. he voiced out, "hey, gal you're taking over our queue. Can't you see in front there are people queuing up??" Lolz.. I can smiled happily inside my heart!! You see.. things belong to you.. definitely it is yours.. nobody can take away!!! Patient is a virtual.. So God is testing my patient.. I made it through.. =P

Ok.. We had comfortable sitting place.. finally we start our dinner after small war.. This getting me mad again. Service is damn sucks!! Waiter and waitress keep ignoring our orders!! Slow poke.. dunno what they're doing.. sighs!! My meal being served late.. sobs ='(


Combination set of steamed rice served with grilled eel, fine Japanese wheat noodles, served with prawn & vegetable tempura, mixed with vegetable salad & cultured milk.

Mixed with vegetable salad

Prawn & vegetable tempura

Fine Japanese wheat noodles

Steamed rice served with grilled eel

After finished dinner, we pay bills at the counter.. I filed complaint to them.. It's sucks. And they just keep quiet like dumb ass!! After we paid bill Emmie have double checked on the bills, and they made mistake on the billing. They key in double entry for our UNATAMA DON DOUBLE set. Sighs.. is this attitude that you're showing to us?? I'm showing my face to them exactly. I'm telling them first and last time I'm going to visit this outlet. Service damn sucks!! I'm paying service charge tax,  can I take it back? You don't even deserve a single cents on it!!