Thursday, July 22, 2010

SQC Sean Farewell

Arlo everyone, I'm back to blog.. Lately busy with works most of the time back late home, sorry for delaying on blogging. =D I'm going to share with you a little of my working life. Recently lots of things happening in my work,  hope everything will be fine soon. Due to changes, one of our colleagues Sean is leaving us behind to persuade a better work environment. I'm sad.. mixed feelings that I ever had. Seeing with my own eyes one by one is leaving. Dunno who is next.. sighs!!

We had small farewell with Sean in KFC again. =D something simple most important is everyone enjoying and getting along with each other. Our special guest for the day is Ricky and Lim.I'm surprised to see them again. But i know Lim is putting on his weight meaning is he is doing good in new company. Hahaha.. It's good to see you again Lim. =D

For Ricky, I saw him getting thinner, perhaps he is busy setting up char keuy teow shop in Bandar Puteri Puchong. He become own boss frying own char keuy teow, how nice!! Can't wait to test your own char keuy teow mee. Any highlight, please let me know asap... =P Wish you all the best Ricky =D

Lolz, after long chit chatting, we had another round of photo session. I just like this photo very much. Sean is smiling great. Everyone did a good job in taking this photo. Good memory after all =D

To reward Sean with little small gift, I made simple DIY card for him. This is my very first hand made. Is that good?? I get everyone to sign on the card, before giving him =D I hope to make more in the future =D

Sean, good luck for your future undertakings... do keep in touch with SQC groups!!