Friday, July 23, 2010

Satay, satay, satay

Have guys ever wonder, mamak stalls is selling satay?? I came across this Fatimah mamak stalls late night for supper in PD. We had early dinner around 6.30pm so my friends decided have a cup of nice tea tarik for supper. Once I get down from car, I smelled satay from far that triggers my saliva. Long long time never eat satay, so I called 10 cucuk of chicken satay for try. =D

Satay goes with tea tarik, weird combination right? lolz..=P Tea tarik mixed well tea + milk, nice to drink =D Satay come with ketupat, but not forgetting satay sauce. I just love it... 1 word "Good".. tempting. Just nice, not too full not too hungry... so that I can sleep at night =P

Teh tarik kau! =P

Satay with ketupat rice =D

Grilled chicken satay

Do see? I enjoyed very much =P

Satay celup with peanut satay sauce =D

Ketupat rice celup with peanut satay sauce =D