Monday, July 26, 2010

Hakka Mee @ PD

Back dated post.. Now I only have time to update my blog. I had bad weather while we're having breakfast in hawkers early in morning. We sit in an open air space outside hawker because inside it's fully packed. I think must be the food very nice that why a lot peoples.Hawker stall serve local delicacy wanton mee and hakka mee.

Tasted KL hakka mee, how the taste of PD hakka mee?  I don't know much about hakka mee, but more to another variety choice in my food list beside wanton mee.  See, I just love curry sambal chilies for the hakka mee.. That's good with belacan taste. Not forgetting while eating wanton mee must have salted GREEN chillies. =D

Tada, this is Hakka Mee. Hakka Mee is a type of  noodles - It is yellow in color, normally served in soup and with minced meat such as pork  I choose dry Hakka Mee just rather than soup. I'm more comfortable to eat dry compare to soup. Soup it's too hot that takes a lot time to eat. =D

I'm suprised that dry noodles served with a bowl of small soup. I taught just soup, then I put spoon inside.. I found big wantons inside soup. Hakka mee is difinately delicious to go with wanton. All I can say it's Good, and it's cheap. RM3.80 per plate =D