Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dim sum - Breakfast

I have breakfast with Nigel early in the morning before he back to Ipoh. He wanted to try KL dim sum whether it's good compare to Ipoh famous dim sum. At first we taught of canceling dim sum as it is raining early in the morning. Thank God, rain stopped after I get myself ready. I wake up early in the morning 8am, to have breakfast with him.

Quite many months I did not go for DIM SUM, half year till now. I'm hunger for DIM SUM badly. This is a chance for me to eat and eat =P We did not go far, as my house behind have a very good dim sum shop called, Hoong Foong Dim Sum @ USJ. Again, I recommended him to eat.

We both enjoying till max. Dim sum it's big and value for money. =D Price for 2 persons come up RM32.50. Times flies, he need to back Ipoh and I will miss him again, looking forward to meet your again in the future.. Thanks a lot my friend =D