Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cravings- Kitchen & Bistro

  Picture taken from Vialentio 

Sorry all, I'm back to update my blogs, Forgive me for busying with work lately =D For time being, I had invitation from Lil for my advance birthday celebration dinner in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. I suggested to visit this place, coz I heard it's just newly opened recently. The interior design of  Sunway Giza it's 100% similar to Niu Zhe Sui in Ara Damsansara, only different is color and design.

Sunway Giza atmosphere
  Picture taken from Vialentio

To cut it short, I will explained Sunway Giza in next chapter of my blog, as we're rushing to watch world cup, so we walked a few restaurant that serve world cup.. lol.. lame =P I'm attracted to this shop called Cravings- Kitchen & Bistro because I came across Vialentino blogs on Cravings- Kitchen & Bistro. Nice photo shooting and atmosphere of the shop attracted me indeed. Without thinking much, I dragged Lil into the shop, i saw lot's of people cheering for world cup. =D Alright, this is my first time watching world cup after 9 days launching and I only have time sitting down to watch world cup in front of LCD screen no doubt i'm busy lately  =X

Culinary tools set

Apple Juice =D

100 Plus drink =D

This shop it's grand, service it's only so so, because it takes a long time to cook my Halloween Dinner that require a big pumpkin as bowl to serve rice inside =.=" I find that rice it's dry for throat, overall not bad to taste it out.

Halloween Dinner

Da birthday girl =P
Lil, chosen Triple Decker with minced chicken had been fried and was sandwiched in between the layer of fried rice. She find it very interesting and it's tasty too =D

Triple Decker

Soup of the day

Tada.. bill =X

I took some photos, but slightly my phone cam it's bad, we enjoyed watching world cup with loud crowd of people cheering "cheers" for toast when team get a goal. It's real happening!! Thanks Lil, for lovely dinner. =D

LCD screen for world cup =D

Audience enjoying watching world cup =D

Ledder up to 2nd floor

Art of decorations

Pantry that serve drinks =D