Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fat One Steamboat

I just love summer school holidays because NO JAM, when i drive back to home. I been thinking of eating this steamboat very long until my saliva drop it badly.. I always keep on thinking eating this ..but U know when i stuck in jam I'm so lazy to move.. Car it's not moving from bumper to bumper that make me sick always T_T

Actually, i dropped by bank to do some stuff, the moment i get down from my car.. I saw this steamboat, I quickly walked over to eat!! My hand it's ichy again, I wanted to take photos this time.. The owner allow me to snap a few photos.. thanks!! Local people use to call this steamboat as "LokLok" in cantonese while the rest named it as steamboat.

It's fun when you eat this.. bear in mind, you have stand when you eat. I can't describe the feeling.. Tempting .. lolz..  Simple step you can DIY. I take it as light snack... Price it's quite reasonable. Make sure you cook the food well before you eat!! Most important part is gravy or sauce that will make your taste become better. I like satay sauce, goes with little bit of chili. Yum yum.... Try it yourself, as recommended by Ho Chiak TV Program.

Pricing List for steamboat

Lots of variety choices

4 selected different sauces

Dry & wet fish balls

Lots of ice cubes to make food stay fresh

Meat balls

Kang kong vegetables & sotong

My favorites =P

Crab stick meat =P

See, recommended by Ho Chiak TV program!!