Sunday, June 06, 2010

Grand Empire Kitchen - Empire Gallery

First ever I step myself in Empire Gallery in Subang Jaya whereby you can see it clearly at Federal Highway in Subang Jaya exit entrance. I tell you more about Empire Gallery building in the next episode of blog. Reached there quite late at night.. my tummy is hunger for food. Despite I told Alice we should hook up for food, we keep on walking & walking at last we decided to have Chinese cuisine. From far we look this restaurant it's grand, high-class. Of course we taught it will be expensive.. but then it's not!

Oh well, then we checked on the menu, they're providing set dinner combination varieties choices.You have chicken, duck, fish, etc. Prize it's slightly cheap.. Just wondering how's the food? I called myself pork chop meat + hot tea  while Alice chosen mushroom mee soup + HK tea tarik. We waited about 10min for our food. Too simple decoration of the food? Ok, wait until i taste it.. phrase "dont judge book by it's cover"

Nah exactly, the taste of the food it's so sucks! I mean ok la.. can eat, my rice it's very hard, the pork thick it's hard to chew even when i cut into small fine tiny pieces. I didn't finish pork meat.. it's hard to eat! As for Alice, mee it's just a small portion, soup it's tasteless. HK tea tarik it's watery.. LMAO.
First and last time i'm going to visit this shop... Bad taste!!

Chopstick n spoon for mee soup

Fork and spoon for rice

Hot chinese tea

HK tea tarik

Pork chop rice

Mushroom mee soup

The bill for two person